After the success of the Eclipse Banking Days in Frankfurt and New York, the Eclipse Foundation hast just announced the Eclipse Banking Day in London on February 12, 2009.

Eclipse Banking Day is a day-long event for senior technical developers, architects and managers in the finance industry to learn how to better leverage Eclipse technology and the Eclipse community as part of their development strategy. The event will focus on three themes:

  1. Eclipse as a platform for application development;
  2. Leveraging Eclipse modeling technology for data exchange; and
  3. Collaborating with the open source community.

Attendees will have the chance to hear speakers from leading financial institutions and experts from the Eclipse community.

It is not a secret that Eclipse is being used by some of the major banks and financial institutions around the world. Well, as it could not be less, we are also using Eclipse, both as a tools integration platform and as a branch teller workplace. Some days ago, Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Marketing Director) asked me if we would be interested in sharing our experience with other banks. So … we decided to accept the invitation and I’m going to present at the Eclipse Banking Day in London how we are using Eclipse at “la Caixa“. Despite the below pompous abstract, I think it will be an interesting presentation.

Repository Based Application Development Environment for Banking Systems

“la Caixa” is currently the leading savings bank in Spain and the third largest financial entity in the country. With a large network of more than 5.500 offices, more than 8.100 automatic cashpoint machines, a staff of more than 26.000 employees and more than 10,5 million clients, ”la Caixa” has positioned itself as a leading entity and referent within the Spanish financial sector.

In this talk, we will explain how “la Caixa” is using Eclipse to create a repository-based application development environment that successfully empowers its +1000 developers to create first-class custom enterprise banking applications in a fast-changing market. We will take a brief tour of “la Caixa”‘s enterprise architecture and we will take an inside look at some custom Eclipse plugins built at “la Caixa”. We will describe how using a collaborative environment, visual designers and code generators “la Caixa” allows its developers to create rapidly all the software components, from web UI to IMS-PLI-DB2 transactions, but also archiving software reuse across the whole organization and enforcing governance in an unobtrusive way.

This presentation will also explain briefly how “la Caixa”‘s 24.000 tellers are using Eclipse as a branch teller workplace. We will describe “la Caixa” bank teller evolution, and how using Eclipse it is possible to integrate in a common workplace from a custom legacy UI render to a modern web UI.

If you are interested in attending, you need to pre-register (early, space is limited!). There is no cost to register but you must work for the financial services industry.

Hope to see and meet great Eclipse enthusiasts there! I will try to share my thoughts on the conference after the event.