Josh Staiger and Bill Higgins, members of the IBM Rational Jazz Team, had announced that a new website is now online with some basic information about this project.

Simplicity through consistency. Collaboration in context. Agility through transparency… Jazz is about helping people work together to build software more effectively, while making the software development experience more fun!

Jazz is a joint project between IBM Rational and IBM Research to build a scalable, extensible team collaboration platform for seamlessly integrating tasks across the software life cycle.

While this technology is at an early stage, it is an exciting and important part of Rational’s future.

The website doesn’t contain much information, just a community page with some upcoming events. It seems that people who attend to the Jazz BoF session at EclipseCon 2007 will be eligible to join to a Jazz community pilot.

I will look forward to it, as more details are expected soon.