I have just updated this blog to the newest version of WordPress, the “Ella (2.1)” version. The process is very simple: backup the WP database, turn off all plugins, delete old files, upload new files and run the upgrade.php script.

The only fear that I have had was the plugin compatibility, so I checked the WordPress Plugin compatibility list to ensure that all of the plugins that I use in this blog will work with the new version. I discovered that not all of the plugins were listed in the compatibility list, so I then turn these on one by one and test my blog to see if it works. As I usually maintain my plugins updated, I didn’t have any problems.

BTW, this is the plugin list:

I have also changed the blog feed to point to FeedBurner. If you were subscribed to this blog, you must not notice this change, as the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin will forward all of the feed traffic to FeedBurner. But if you prefer to subscribe directly, change you subscription to point at http://feeds.feedburner.com/SdlcBlog.


Comment by wilsonroial on 2007-03-22 00:16:45 +0000

Oh well too disappointing.. I installed WP Database Backup by Il Filosofo but it doesnt show on plugin page in Admin.

Im now using WP 2.1