Jurgen Appelo has collected a list of the top 100 blogs for development managers. The list of blogs is quite impressive, rated using five different statistics (Google Page Rank, Technorati Authority, Alexa Rank, Hits, Comments). You can find the usual A-List bloggers, but also some other interesting blogs you might not know about (oh no! no more feeds please!).

This is the top 10. Check his post to discover the rest.

  1. Joel on Software – Joel Spolsky
  2. Coding Horror – Jeff Atwood
  3. Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin
  4. Paul Graham: Essays – Paul Graham
  5. blog.pmarca.com – Marc Andreesen
  6. Rough Type – Nicholas Carr
  7. Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen – Scott Hanselman
  8. Martin Fowler’s Bliki – Martin Fowler
  9. Rands in Repose – Michael Lopp
  10. Stevey’s Blog Rants – Steve Yegge

Bonus track: It seems that Jurgen’s hobby of collecting lists comes from afar. Check these other lists he has collected:


Comment by Anton on 2009-04-17 13:09:07 +0000

nice listing! thanks!