Mark Dickson has announced that the Eclipse PMC have approved the donation of the DSDM Plugin for OpenUP/Basic through the Eclipse Process Framework.

The plug-in has been donated by the DSDM Consortium. It is designed to extend OpenUP/Basic, combining elements of DSDM with the Open Unified Process. Central to this is the idea of enhancing the existing Stakeholder role through the addition of 4 business roles from DSDM, namely:

  • Ambassador User
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Visionary
  • Advisor User

The objective is to increase active stakeholder participation within a project by making these roles responsible for performing tasks and delivering products.

An Ambassador User comes from the business and ensures that the system being built is the right one to meet requirements. An Executive Sponsor is a high-level user who will champion the project and is ultimately the owner of the system being developed. A Visionary is a user committed to the project and its business goals, who will ensure that objectives are being met. An Advisor User brings day-to-day knowledge of the job being carried out into the project.

The plugin will shortly be added to the EPF CVS repository.