Comment by Petri I. Salonen on 2007-04-04 02:32:12 +0000

I spent multiple hours talking to people that are very frustated of UML as it does not address any specific domain needs. I also got feedback from an authority in modeling field that some organizations are dumping UML and not taking anything instead… We are going back in software engineering if this is what really is happening. DSM is not trying to replace UML, but to help organizations to be more effective in product-family development and code quality.

Comment by Ferdy on 2007-04-05 00:13:07 +0000

Petri, thanks for your comment.

Actually I’m analysing MDD methodologies and I’m arriving at the same conclusion about UML (or OMG MDA) and DSM. We (at my company) have some successful DSL implementations, mainly where we have a well-known and stabilized problem domain. But this doesn’t mean we are not using UML anywhere. We only use UML for documenting purposes, not for generating code.

BTW, Jack Greenfield, from Microsoft, has a nice article called Bared-Naked Languages or What Not to Model that summarizes when and when not use UML or DSL.